Friday, December 4, 2009

Good News & Bad News

GOOD NEWS: I got the job as a ski instructor!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!! :)

BAD NEWS: I have training camp tomorrow (Saturday, Dec. 5th) and will most likely miss the most important gator football game of the season. :(

There's always a sacrifice, I guess.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Winter’s Long Awaited Arrival

It’s December already, but there’s no snow on my deck or ice on my windshield. People have begun to wonder, is this the work of El Nino? Climate change? Here in the Wasatch Mountain Range, locals know that the snow doesn’t usually accumulate well until the New Year. Even so, there’s still an incredibly contagious itch that seems to get worse with each passing day we don’t get a storm. It’s like an itch on that spot on your back that you can’t seem to reach. My roommates keep reminding themselves with a sigh of restlessness, “We’re so close.”

Since my return to Park City in mid-October, I’ve been preoccupying myself with the job search and attending various networking events. Park City has an excellent sustainability office and a real desire to become an earth-friendly town. With the launch of a new website in early October (, came a plethora of events. Guest lectures by professors from the U (University of Utah), Green Business Expos, and Conservation hikes were all commonplace during the month of October and early November.

The lectures were my favorite. One in particular really sticks out in my mind. The professors touched on the affect a dust cloud is having on our snow here in Park City. Supposedly, there is a dust plume that seems to emanate from southwest Utah due to ecotourism activities such as ATV’ing. The dust plume finds it’s way to northeast Utah and mixes right in with our snow. It’s becoming a problem because it’s affecting snow quality and even quantity.

Another professor during the same lecture pointed out the affects of climate change on our snow. He also pointed out the most interesting fact I’ve heard in a while. On the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, there’s a place where they receive over 500 inches of snow every year. This might not seem interesting at first, but this area (I can’t seem to remember the name of it) is at only 700 feet above sea-level! Not only do they get hundreds of inches of snow, but the quality of snow is right up there with Utah’s “Best snow in the world.” It’s a phenomenon that scientists around the world are still trying to figure out, “but in the meantime,” the professor mentioned while chuckling, “we’re just going to enjoy it.”

The networking events were fantastic! I learned so much and met so many great people! I always found myself wondering, why isn’t this kind of effort apparent in Florida? No offense here, but it’s almost like Floridians have blinders on when it comes to the subject of environmental sustainability and energy conservation. Why hasn’t this revolution of green living hit the east coast yet!!!??? Do yourself a favor and educate yourself on what you can do to counter your own carbon footprint! has a carbon calculator for anyone to use for free! Take advantage and educate yourself!

Anyway, the job search has gone wonderfully. I’ve landed a great job as a server with a company called Talisker (check out their website at They’re opening up a new fine-dining, American bistro type restaurant on main street, which is where I’ll be working majority of the time. I’m really excited to be getting in with Talisker since it’s such a young company and they’re fairly new to the Park City area. Back in 2007, they purchased the Canyons resort, which means I’ll be getting a Canyons season pass along with my employment (wooohoooooo!!! what a perk!!!). I start training next Tuesday and I can’t wait to learn more about the food and beverage industry from a fine-dining perspective! Who doesn’t love food and beverages anyway!!??

I’ve also landed a job with a small start-up company I met when I was attending the Green Energy Symposium in Philly! It’s called Mortenson Companies (their website is and I’m going to be helping them out as a remote sales representative. Again, I’m super excited to become a part of this company because it’s so young (started up just this past Spring!) and the versatility of their product is incredible. Check out the website to learn more and give me a call if you have any questions (or know anyone that might be interested in utilizing our product!).

There’s also a third job that I could be getting; teaching kids how to ski! I find out tomorrow if I got the job, so wish me luck! I had hiring camp last Sunday, which consisted of an interview and a mock teaching session where we could teach a group of the other applicants an activity of our choice. I decided to integrate basketball and chose to teach how to shoot a free throw. It was fun and I’m hoping that I brought the energy and enthusiasm they were looking for. Now, what really got me nervous was the training camp that would commence the day after we were hired. Since I don’t have a season pass yet, I hadn’t had a chance to try out my new boots or skis (surefoots & 2009 Atomic Snoop Daddies, respectively) or even my legs for that matter! I sure as hell did not want my first day on the hill to be for a job. I would be a nervous wreck if that were the case! I knew I couldn’t afford the high-priced Canyons or Park City pass (60 bucks with only 3 runs open) so I started asking my roommates and friends to see what they could suggest. In the end, it seemed, I was going to have to cough up the 60 bucks to practice my turns. But then, the very next day, my roommates surprised me with the announcement that they’re going to Brighton (a ski resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon) tomorrow. Not only that, but tickets are only 15 bucks if you bring in some clothes to donate! I was so stoked!

The day out at Brighton was exactly what I needed. I got acquainted with my skis wonderfully and I was catching mid-size airs at around the middle of the day. This was a HUGE confidence boost for me. Now if I land the ski-instructing job, I’ll be extra comfortable at training camp.

Did I mention that I was also having some fun in-between my job searching and networking events??? Here are some pics and vids of some great times in and around Park City.

The last bloom of summer

PCMR Zip-line (headcam!?)

PCMR Zip-line POV

PCMR Alpine Coaster POV

PCMR Alpine Coaster POV

Quittin' Time

The trails were littered with gorgeous autumn colors

Hikin' Around PCMR (A.K.A. my backyard)

First Snow of the 09-10 Season!!!! (I have no idea what day it was hahah)

A taste of the winter wonderland to come

View of PC from Silverstar Run @ PCMR

Trimmin' up the jib!

First Day out at Brighton

I’ve got 2, maybe 3 jobs lined up and the weather report says we should be getting dumped on all week next week. It seems as though winter’s long awaited arrival has finally come…or has it?